What is Mukena ? What does mukena mean ?

You may hear a lot about hijab, kind of clothes for moslem woman. A lot type of hijab, depends on country. Mukena is one kind if hijab. Mukena is a fashion prayer equipment for muslim women typical of Indonesia. Actually, There are no detailed rules regarding what kind of clothing should be used for prayer in Islam religion. There are only general principles that clothing for prayer should cover the genitals and clean from stains or dirt.

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But, mukena is popular and a distinctive cultural product of Indonesia. Based on history, said to be the result of adaptations made by ancient saints when they spreading Islam around archipelago (Nusantara). At that time the way to dress Indonesian women was to wear a dress that showed the upper chest to the head, to adjust to the Islamic dress, a simple mukena was made but it could cover the entire limb except the face and palms.

what is mukena in english
Style of Mukena with lilac color

Initially, Mukena’s color was always identical to white, but in its development along with technological advances in the field of textiles, the models, colors and patterns of mukena also experienced continuous changes.

In its development Mukena in Indonesia has many variations of motives that are very diverse, the fabric used is also diverse, the characteristics of the fabric used for mukena are cool non-hot material, the material is mukena made from silk fabric.